‘Tis the season to go solar

by | Dec 7, 2023

This time of year brings houses lit with twinkling lights to celebrate the joys of the holiday season. It’s also the ideal time to think about sustainability and energy consumption. Let’s begin with your home’s roof, and we’re not talking about Santa landing his sleigh there on Christmas Eve. Think about how solar roofing can help you become more energy-independent so you can say, “Lights out!” to your electric company.

The period from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day typically causes an uptick in energy consumption. Decorations, celebrations, extra cooking, and other home activities mean more energy usage. This can strain the energy grid and result in more expensive utility bills. A solar roof can keep your home merry and powered up through the season and beyond.

Take a look at these holiday energy cost stats from Southern California Edison based on using lit decorations from 5 pm to 11 pm daily throughout December:

  • Average decorations with LED lights: $5 to $7 increase
  • Average decorations with incandescent lights: $33 increase
  • Elaborate decorations using LED lights: $47 increase
  • Elaborate decorations using incandescent lights: $350 increase

OC Solar can help you determine the best solar solution for your home. With equipment from industry leaders like Panasonic and Tesla, you can rest assured that your home is outfitted with top-quality products. Our solar panels and roofs have a 25-year warranty. And they have proven to outperform other brands when it comes to degradation. We also have storage options that allow you to optimize your energy usage while providing a steady power supply—no matter the time of day or weather conditions.

Detached home and garage with solar panels on roof

The solar advantage extends beyond the immediate effects of being able to power your home during the holidays. Investing in solar roofing can reduce your carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels, which have long-term implications for the environment. Your step toward energy independence is a gift that will keep giving for generations to come.

We can’t talk about the holidays without talking about finances. OC Solar will work with you to ensure making the switch to solar is obtainable for you and your budget. There are also tax credits and incentives that can help mitigate costs. And the substantial savings on your utility bill means more money in your pocket or presents under your tree.

While making your list and checking it twice this season, add a conversation with OC Solar to your to-do list. Now through the end of December, when you sign up for any installation, we’ll hold your deposit until January 15. That means $1000 in your pocket during the holidays and energy savings in 2024.

Schedule a consultation today to see how OC Solar can help you get started.