Shedding Light on Solar: A Quick History

by | May 1, 2024

Have you ever wondered how people went from worshipping the sun to harnessing its rays to power their homes? Let’s take a quick trip through the history of solar energy—from ancient times to our solar-powered present.

Way back in the day:
Some of the earliest civilizations figured out they could position their homes to catch the sun’s warmth on chilly days. The Greeks and Romans also designed their homes with large windows to capture solar heat. Plus, many cultures used reflective surfaces, like polished metal or mirrors, to redirect and concentrate sunlight to heat water and start fires. Then, in the 19th century, scientists began experimenting with the photovoltaic effect, laying the groundwork for today’s solar cells.

Not so way back in the day:
Space exploration in the mid-20th century pushed solar tech even further. Then, the oil crises in the 1970s sparked renewable energy interest as governments realized the importance of alternatives to fossil fuels. The 1980s brought ongoing innovation in solar energy technology, including the development of thin-film solar cells, which offered flexibility and reduced manufacturing costs.

1990s to current day:
Since the 1990s, solar energy use in homes has grown steadily. Technological advancements, declining costs, and supportive government incentives helped more people adopt rooftop solar panels for residential electricity independence. Solar power has moved from a niche industry to a mainstream energy solution. Homeowners benefit from a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative.

Why Go Solar?
Alright, the history lesson is over. Why should you care about solar energy? Well, besides being renewable and clean, solar power can save you serious cash on your energy bills. Plus, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, helping fight climate change. And let’s not forget the independence it gives you–finally say “Lights Out” to your electric company!

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