OC Solar CEO joins Angi Pro Council

by | Nov 6, 2023

ORANGE COUNTY SOLAR, CA: OC Solar, the trailblazing name in the residential solar energy and storage industry, is excited to announce the addition of OC Solar’s CEO, Vincent Curcie, to the esteemed Angi Pro Council. With his profound experience and insights in solar energy and home services, Curcie’s entry to the council marks a significant stride toward shaping the future of home solar services and enhancing customer experiences.

The Angi Pro Council is pivotal in advising Angi on various aspects of its platform, encompassing user experience, service portfolios, and technological advancements. Curcie’s participation in the Pro Council reflects OC Solar’s commitment to revolutionizing residential solar installation and enhancing its industry-leading reputation as the go-to choice for homeowners seeking an unmatched solar installation service. 

“I am looking forward to sharing OC Solar’s journey in different Angi media campaigns, collaborating with Angi’s marketing team to review content, ensuring accuracy and relevance for homeowners, and participating in idea sessions to develop content that addresses the real questions homeowners have about solar energy,” said Vincent Curcie, CEO of OC Solar. “It is an incredible honor to be selected to connect with fellow professionals and discuss how we can empower homeowners together,” said Curcie. “I am proud to bring my 13 years of experience to this group and to make some positive changes in the world of residential solar energy.” 

“The Pro Council will be responsible for providing ongoing product feedback, testing new offerings, giving insights into their day-to-day business operations and challenges, and collaborating with Angi leadership on potential industry-wide solutions,” said Mallory Micetich, Vice President of Corporate Communications and Home Expert at Angi. 

With over a decade of hands-on involvement in the solar energy sector, Curcie has emerged as a visionary leader. He has successfully led OC Solar to be one of Southern California’s leading residential solar installers and one of the strongest solar companies in California, all while prioritizing the customer experience. As a vital member of the Angi Pro Council, Curcie will collaborate with fellow industry leaders to provide strategic guidance, bringing the knowledge and experience from aiming to optimize the OC Solar platform for homeowners and solar service professionals alike.

Vincent Curcie’s appointment amplifies OC Solar’s standing as an industry leader and underscores the company’s commitment to championing collaboration among visionary professionals. Together, they will reshape the landscape of home solar services, setting new benchmarks for excellence.

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