OC Solar awarded Premier Installer Status with Tesla Energy

by | Dec 21, 2023

Great news, Southern California! OC Solar has been recognized with the esteemed status of Premier Installer by Tesla Energy. This highly regarded accolade is a significant milestone in the partnership between OC Solar and Tesla. And it signifies excellence in service, installation, and customer satisfaction.

The distinction of Premier Installer is a testament to OC Solar’s commitment to quality within the residential solar and battery industry. Only a select group of certified installers reach this echelon. The strict criteria ensure our customers receive an unparalleled degree of service. Requirements include:

  • Maintaining good standing by fulfilling financial and business responsibilities in a timely manner. Service providers must also be fully engaged in Tesla events, activities, training, and business meetings.
  • Providing exceptional customer service with a record of happy, satisfied customers and satisfactory CSAT scores. The provider must be proactive in resolving customer experiences that don’t meet Tesla standards.

Vincent Curcie, CEO of OC Solar, stated, “Tesla stands head and shoulders above the competition as the top performing residential battery. We are proud that Tesla now stands behind us and our commitment to customers, further solidifying our company as a leader in the residential solar and battery industry.”

The values and mission between OC Solar and Tesla align. They’re both committed to providing customers with cutting-edge technology like Tesla’s Powerwall. And both strive to help homeowners gain energy independence and financial freedom.

This milestone doesn’t just elevate OC Solar’s status—it directly benefits customers. Here are a couple advantages you can expect:

  • First Access to New Product Introductions: Enabling OC Solar to provide their customers with early access to cutting-edge innovations.
  • Prioritized Product Availability: Ensuring access to Tesla’s renowned products to meet customer needs and installation demands.

Since 2016, OC Solar has earned the reputation as one of the most trusted suppliers of solar energy in Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area. They can work within your budget and maintain the architectural integrity of your home. To learn more taking advantage of tax credits and incentives, reach out today for a chat. OC Solar looks forward to helping you say “It’s lights out” to your electric company.

Home with Powerwall 3 installed on the exterior