How Solar Batteries can help you through NEM 3.0

by | Sep 1, 2023

How Solar Batteries can help you through NEM 3.0

With NEM 3.0 Coming into play, many California Homeowners are stressed about losing out on the savings that come with the previous system, NEM 2.0.

Some changes with the new NEM 3.0 rate structure are decreased rates paid for Solar Energy sold back to the grid. This revision can lengthen the average payoff period for installing solar and puts the growth of solar power at risk.

Even though the deadline has passed, and NEM 3.0 has now taken effect, there are still easy ways to mitigate the impact and ensure that Solar Energy is a cost-effective option for your family. The primary opportunity is to install an energy battery solution.

Under the new NEM 3.0 rate structure, the value of excess solar generated during the day is diminished. But, you can maintain the value of solar power generated by incorporating a battery into your system. The battery can store excess energy for later use, including hours of the day when energy demand and prices are at their highest.

NEM 3.0 has modernized the power grid by making solar with battery backup more valuable than stand-alone solar. This change in rate structure inspires a shift from a primarily solar-only market to one emphasizing solar plus batteries. Previously, the biggest plus of pairing your solar panels with a battery was the ability to establish independence from the grid and autonomy over your power source- but now you can save money by adding a solar battery to your home setup.

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